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About Us

where simple fashion makes the statement

Tall Luxé is an online clothing brand that strives to provide fashionable and quality clothing for tall women. We are a brand who is all about keeping it simple, while making a statement - which we embody through each of our pieces. 

This brand was established by Nneka Morgini, who is a model, a mom, and now the Founder/CEO of Tall Luxé - she also beautifully stands at 6'1. Nneka decided to create this brand because she, like many other tall women, find herself stuck between fashionable clothing not fitting properly or plain and boring options offered in tall woman "fashion". 

Our promise here at Tall Luxé is to enhance the wardrobe and the confidence of tall women. We are committed to listening to YOU and providing on trend and staple fashion pieces so that tall women do not feel outcast or out of style - yet rather feel sophisticated, sexy, trendy and included.